Am I? Or not?

So here I sit, second guessing myself. I THINK I’m in labor… but, IT DOESN’T HURT. Oh sure, I’m cramping, and I feel pressure, and my stomach’s getting hard every 8 min. or so. BUT IT DOESN’T HURT. I called my mid-wife, and she’s on the fence. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but until it hurts, she doesn’t want to see me. And this whole time, I’m sitting here, craving my Japanese steak that I can’t have JUST in case I AM actually in labor, obsessively feeling my stomach to see if I’m  having another contraction, with weird little cramps running up and down my thighs and regular old fun cramps… But no one can tell me for sure if this is it. The worst part? My entire family lives hours away. So we called them now, but if I’m wrong – and little Cub’s not  coming yet, well, then they all just drove a really, really long way, in the rain, for no reason other than this is my first child and I have NO CLUE WHAT I’M DOING.


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