Nurses with a God complex!

Why do they think they know everything? Why WON’T THEY EVEN CHECK ME? It is now 1:33 AM (I have currently given up trying to fix the time here on my blog – I’m too tired and grumpy. I’ll figure it out some day, when I’m not in labor and pissed at the medical community in general) and I am feeling weirder, strange things are happening, but because I’m not screaming, they won’t even let me go in to the hospital and get checked.  Fine. I’ll just have this little Cub here in my tub and they can explain why I wasn’t allowed to come in! Geez!


One thought on “Nurses with a God complex!

  1. Totally know what you mean. Nurses are buttholes. (9 times out of 10) I hope when the shift changed you got a better one! Email me and let me know how things are once you get back to normal-ish. Congrats!

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