Hospital food and nipple shields

Hospital food, even when you are given a “menu” and allowed to call “room service”, is STILL hospital food. It still sucks. But thanks for the effort in making it SEEM a bit more appetizing, guys! I do have to say though, that this Labor and Delivery unit is amazing. The nurses CARE, the rooms are pretty and comfortable, and while no hospital can truly ever be “homey”, they put up a good college try. My night nurse Melissa came in every two hours on the dot to help me try and get lil’ Cub latched on, and this morning, Scochie, my nurse in shining armor, introduced lil’ Cub and I to the answer to Mama’s desperate 2:30 am prayer – a nipple shield. Now before the Breastfeeding community writes me off here and now, please understand, lil’ Cub CANNOT latch. It isn’t an issue HE’S having, either – they’ve checked. It’s me. I have, apparently, “flat nipples”. The shield will (hopefully) help to draw them out. And to quote a friend – “He’s eating from your boob, right? You’re breastfeeding. Period.”


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