He’s got his little bum on the front of the laptop and is propped against my chest. It’s the only way I can have him skin to skin and type at the same time. Why must he be skin to skin you ask? Because I don’t want to put him down – ever, that’s why. So far today, thanks to the wonders of my Maya ring sling, we have fixed breakfast, done some laundry, put up the dishes, tidied the house a bit, and now, we are having post “ninny” cuddle time while I update the outside world on the status of my parenthood. Which, as I am sure you have gathered from earlier updates, is finally official. As of Sunday morning the 15th at 2:00 am, to be exact. To answer the pressing question raised by my Aug 13th and 14th rants – I mean posts… I was indeed in labor (obviously). I am fully planning to regale you, dear helpless reader,  with my baby delivering story at a later date – but for now, I’m keeping this short because the new little man in my life is currently trying to fit his entire fist in his mouth – apparently it is time once again for him to consume at least twice his weight in liquid gold… Seriously – WHERE does he fit it all?


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