I have just opened my beautiful box of diapers from – Guess what world? I have a stash! As of now it consists of three Bumgenius Elemental one size all in one’s, three Bumgenius 4.0 one size pocket diapers, one ADORABLE Rumparoo one size pocket diaper in a firetruck print, one Happy Heinie one size pocket diaper, two Fuzzibunz one size pocket diapers and a Flip day pack. I have Kissa’s antibacterial diaper pail liners, Rockin Green detergent and diaper pail deoderizer, Bumgenius diaper detergent and diaper deoderizer (Thanks to an amazing friend and fellow cloth addicted Mama…) All that’s missing is a little bum big enough to PUT these on! At 7 lbs 8 oz my little cub is not an itty bitty, but there is NO way he’s fitting into these for a couple weeks at least! I guess I’ll just lay them out and admire them till then…


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