Disposables are from the Devil

When I first started getting ready for our Little Man, cloth diapers were at the top of my list of “must haves”.  Not so much for FireDaddy. Having heard horror stories of parasitic boils and smelly diaper pails, he was firmly against cloth. I was given packages upon packages of disposable diapers at my baby showers. For the sake of peace I caved. I quietly bought a few different diapers and tucked them into a drawer. And then Leo came along and changed everything. Because guess what? Leo hates disposables. I HATE disposables. And even FireDaddy hates disposables. Why? Because they are solely responsible for what is, as of now, the worst week of my life as a Mama. Pampers Swaddlers with Dry-Max blistered his newborn bottom so badly he bled and screamed for a week. And he didn’t STOP bleeding and screaming until we put him in one  of the few cloth diapers I had on hand. My order for more got placed two hours later. And his bottom has not been in a disposable since. And guess what? The diaper pail does not stink. It’s not a terrible burden to wash one load of diapers every other day or so.  And his bottom? No rash. No boils. Just soft, pink skin where there used to be a bleeding rash.


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