Stash Confessions

I’m sure if you’ve ever talked to a cloth diapering Mama about her choice to cloth diaper, her first line of defence would be “it’s soo much cheaper!” Yeah – well, I can’t use that one. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are a million and one OTHER valid reasons why I choose to use cloth, but sadly, saving money isn’t one. Partly because I was blessed with a growth spurting young ‘un who constantly baffles my “guaranteed leak proof” diapering systems, causing endless reevaluation of my “favorite” diapers. And partly because I. AM. ADDICTED. I can’t stop wondering if this new diaper I’ve discovered is better. Better fitting, cuter, trimmer… the phantom “perfect diaper” is juust there, over the horizon, and I charge ahead in pursuit. And yes, pun intended. It doesn’t help that there’s so many varieties, hybrids and systems available. Fitteds, prefolds, flat folds, pockets, All in One’s, All in Two’s, wool covers, PUL covers, fleece covers… all in so many adorable colors and prints, until I’m bingeing on diapers, clicking crazy eyed on my mouse… BUY BUY BUY! It’s an obsession, a disease – it’s a hobby. Seriously. I was as shocked as you to realize that was where my new Mama hormones had led me. But there you are. I collect, sell, trade, sample and gift cloth diapers. I am an endless source of tips, tricks and opinions about these little scraps of cloth, and there is not one single outlet for all that information. Until NOW. Now, I have a blog with the word CLOTH in the title. And I intend to regale you, dear helpless (possibly non-existent) public, with my many thoughts on the matter. As first order of business (and to keep you from thinking that I’m well on my way to sending my family into bankruptcy)   I will address my solution to the obvious economic implications of my cloth diaper addiction. There are some wonderful sites exclusively devoted to cloth diaper selling and trading. My two favorites are Cloth Diaper Nation  and DiaperSwappers.  After proving that you’re legit and not out to scam cloth diaper addicts like yourself, they’ll let you buy, sell and trade diapers that would otherwise be relegated to the “backup” section of your stash and purchase new, exciting diapers to try at a fraction of the cost. I am a card-carrying, horn tooting member of both forums, and it’s saved my Paypal account from extinction. And there you have in one fell swoop, my confession of the week AND my cloth diaper tip for the day.  Be merry and may your stash prosper!


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