The Language of Leo

Is it possible to have a 6 month old toddler? I’m serious. He’s mobile. He knows what he wants, and how to get it. When he doesn’t get it, he throws a fit. He’s strong. Crazy strong. Strong enough to make holding him during a “I DON’T need a nap” fit somewhat hazardous to your health. Naps are things to dreaded and avoided at all costs. He’s communicating. And not in sign-language. We’re still working on learning that. He speaks his own little language.  There’s “Da” – that one’s obvious. And “mmmm” – eat, food, or yummy, depending on the usage. “Ghi” is yes. “Naaaaa” – no. “Ninin” – nurse. And then there’s me. I’m REALLY not sure how I feel about what he’s decided my name is. To help you understand why, I’m going to give you a short lesson in the Southern language. Today’s word  is “ninny”. 



1. A woman’s breast; usually used by children. 
 in a sentence: “Baby, please stop pinchin’ Mama’s ninny” 
2. Nursing and /or Breastmilk
 in a sentence: “Hey little bubba, you gettin’ yourself some ninny?”
So depending on how I look at my new name, I can either be very flattered, or very insulted. On one hand, my son equates me with nursing, comfort and milk. Awww… I’m proud of my little lactivist baby boy/toddler hybrid. On the other hand, it could just be that my son thinks I’m a boob.

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