A Wriggling, Contorting, Drummer Octopus

SO… I’ve been MIA. Again. I have a good reason. I just can’t tell you what it is. Well, I can, but it’s embarrassing. And lame. Mostly, it’s just lame. I opened a virus on my laptop. Which promptly infected and killed said laptop. The end result being that I now have to go to my office to find out what’s going on in the land of Facebook (nothing), to check on the state of the world (crappy), or to blog my little heart out. Which wouldn’t be THAT big of an inconvenience, seeing as how my office is also my guest bedroom, if Leo hadn’t gotten really, really good at crawling all of a sudden. My office/guest bedroom is NOT baby proofed. It’s really quite hard to baby-proof a home office, I have found. And my son… he’s not office proofed either. He adores chewing power cords and network cables with his brand new teefers. He LOVES climbing into trash cans. He also likes pulling up on my desk chair – which usually ends very badly,  as he hasn’t yet realized that pulling up on one pice of furniture while underneath a second piece of furniture means said second piece of furniture is going to crack you on the top of your noggin. And his noggin gets cracked enough, what with his early forays into trying to learn to walk and all, without me exposing him to the evils of my computer desk.  He’s also a champ at beating things and wiggling, so holding him with one arm while trying to type with the other is eerily akin to trying to hold a wriggling, contorting, drummer octopus with one arm while one-finger-typing with the other. It’s NOT a situation I find conducive to lucid blogging. Plus, I’ve been so busy reveling in my crazy, goofy, baby/toddler hybrid, that I haven’t really thought much about what I want to say to ya’ll anyway. Then, this morning, while looking for some recipes on my favorite website ever, I read a post by my idol, Pioneer Woman, about blogging, and in it she makes the point that tending a blog is like tending a plant. If you don’t water it for two weeks, it has a tendency to die on you. Unless it’s a cactus. But that didn’t help her point any. And I don’t think my blog’s a cactus, anyway, so since I really don’t want this dorky little labor of love to die, here I be, watering it. Although I’m afraid it’s been a bit longer than two weeks… Please don’t be dead, sweet little blog… Please keep breathing…I’m afraid I have to go now though, my concerns for your health aside, since nap time appears to be over, as evidenced by the shrieking emanating from the nursery… but I’ll be back soon with more rambling. I promise!


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