A Good Day

Today’s a good day, baby’s head bumps and messy kitchen aside. FireDaddy’s home, the sun is shining, and I’m GOING to do something today. I haven’t the foggiest idea what as of yet, despite the late hour, but I’m gonna do something. Before I head off to go do whatever fabulous thing it is, however, I want to share a thought. What if, for ONE marevlous day, we – and by we I mean ALL of us – what if we REFUSED to judge. Refused to gripe and complain about that other Mama down the block who does the exact opposite of how WE’D do things. Refused to compare ourselves to Mama Jones, the paragon of the PTA and Super Soccer Mom. Refused to measure our 6 year old’s intelligence against his genius cousin, or compare our husband to whatever Hollywood fantasy we have of Mr. Perfect. What if, for one day, we just let ourselves, our family and yes, even our Mama friends,  just… be. Be themselves, in all their imperfect, annoying, loveable glory. Now wouldn’t THAT be an amazing day?


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