Sick Day Soup

Little man and I have been sick since Sunday, and it feels like one of those “way worse before it gets better” weeks already. I feel like crap warmed over and then flattened by a tractor trailer. One of the hardest parts of Leo/Mama sicknesses are the 24 hr periods when FireDaddy is on the job. He had a shift yesterday, and by the time supper time rolled around, I’d exhausted all my reserves of  leftovers in the fridge, energy and patience. Somehow, however, I still had a tiiiny bit of creativity left. So I took some Swanson chicken broth that I always keep in my cupboard, some water, brought it to a boil, added canned garbanzo beans and frozen organic crinkle cut carrots, and let it boil for 5 min.  I then took it off of the heat and tossed in some baby spinach. Leo helped me – he though it was marvelous fun to rip up the spinach and drop it into the pot. Add that to the acorn squash that I’d quartered and steamed in the microwave, and we had us a respectable, mostly vegetarian supper – and one my sick little munchkin was only too happy to chow down on. Since “Chicken Broth, Carrot, Garbanzo Bean and Spinach Soup” is way too much of a mouthful, I’m naming my concoction “Sick Day Soup”, and while I DON’T look forward to being sick again, I AM looking forward to seeing what other interesting ingredients I can find that would make our soup even more yummy and nutritious! Here’s hoping all of you out there are feeling much better than we are, but if you’re not – I highly recommend my new creation 😀


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