All About Leo

I haven’t talked much about him lately. I’ve had a great deal to say about my experiences being his Mama, but I have yet to actually introduce you to HIM. So, in honor of his 1st year of life, I’d like to do just that.

Meet Leo. He is 13 months old today. His favorite color is red, and has been since he was 3 months old. He is a foodie, just like me. His favorite “num-nums”  are avocados, peas, sweet potato fries, mushrooms, grilled artichoke hearts, quinoa, macaroni and cheese, kiwis, peaches and muscadines…  he’s  rarely met a food he doesn’t love. Everyone at “our” restaurant downtown knows him by name – as do many of the baggers and checkout clerks at the grocery store. Anywhere we go, he flirts outrageously and makes friends out of strangers. Sneezing is the height of comedy in his opinion, and “In The Night Garden” is his all time favorite television show. Ever. That and “Top Gear” (both the British and American version) have the distinctions of being the only shows he’ll actually watch. He’s a champion peek-a-boo and hide and seek athlete.  He LOVES animals, especially dogs. The Zoo is his favorite place on earth. He’s fearless, most of the time. He’s not a huge fan of the vacuum cleaner, but he’s getting much braver about it. He loves cuddles in the recliner with Daddy, climbing and swinging at the playground, and exploring outside. He adores his family and his best friends Ree -Ree, Seth and Noah. He’s a talker. I can understand maybe one out of ten words, which is a shame, because it always sounds like such an interesting story. He loves informing me that he’s “da be-be” when I tell him no, and my attempts at “redirecting” him are a colossal joke – to him. Most days, I’m positive he’s got more of a clue about what’s going on than I do. He is the most loving, determined, and hilarious little person I’ve ever met.


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