Toddler Realities

Today in the grocery store, I bumped into my twin. Well. Rammed may be a bit more accurate. She was busy attempting to get the small angry person in her shopping cart to sit in the cart like the diagrams on the plastic seat tell you your child must or risk suffering a dire fate, and I was attempting the same feat of insanity with my own little ball of energy. And that’s when we collided. She may have been a smidge taller than I am (perhaps more than a smidge, being as how I am a bit of a throwback to my leprechaun ancestors) and yes, she may have been a bit more buxom, blonde and tan than I am normally thought to be, but I swear, looking into her face was like looking into a mirror. Because her expression was the exact same mask of abject terror, bewilderment, amusement, humiliation and pride that I often find on my own, as I glance into a store window while attempting to corral my little escape artist, or blearily peer at in the bathroom mirror at 6 am while trying to convince myself that I am rested and ready for yet another exhilarating day of epic highs and catastrophic lows. We are mothers of toddlers. We clean schools of crumbled gold fish out of our front loading washers without really even stopping to question why or how they came to inhabit such a place. We routinely utter phrases such as “Bye-Bye Pee Pee, Bye-Bye Poo Poo”, “Not to eat! Yuck, yuck!” and “YAY! Dadda’s HOME!”  We watch shows intended to put the viewer to sleep. We LIVE for naps, we wonder how we’ll survive, and we laugh. A lot. Because no matter how maddening, exhausting and unfathomable toddlers may be, they are also amazing, hilarious and inspiring little humans. I may or may not survive the toddler years with the last scraps of my sanity intact – but that’s okay. It’s worth loosing what marbles I have left, to get the random sloppy kisses, “shared” bites of apple, and sweet, sleepy bedtime cuddles. And I’m sure my “twin”, wherever she is tonight, and whatever hoops she may be jumping through to get HER little person to sleep, would agree with me. We are blessed.


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