Rage Against the Selfish

This is completely out of nowhere, and I apologize to anyone who it may offend, but if I don’t get this out I’m going to explode. Once you make the choices that lead to creating a life, your “personal space”, your “needs” and your pre-baby goals for world domination and/or endless partying take a back seat. END OF STORY. You are still important, but you no longer reside at the center of  the universe. The culture we live in says that this is not so. It says that putting Mommy’s desire to flirt, text endlessly, shop, drink, party or otherwise continue on with life as it was pre-baby, and Daddy’s desire to devote his life to his Playstation, job, vehicle or hobby of choice – instead of his family – is a “right”. Our culture even glorifies this lifestyle, by putting arguably some of the WORST parents in America in the spotlight and turning them into celebrities.  And I for one, am calling bull*hit on this “belief” and the parenting style it elicits. It is yet another example of how rampant consumerism and a “me first” attitude is taking over the brains of Americans and allowing them the “right” to be selfish, petty, ignorant individuals. I am sick of looking on as people  ignore, marginalize and deny children and their needs. Babies and children ARE PEOPLE TOO. Would you dare tell a hungry adult to wait another hour because it isn’t “time” for his feeding yet? Would you smack or yell at an adult who’s emotional needs or reactions make you uncomfortable or don’t fit in to your schedule? My guess is that most people  would say no, if only to avoid the confrontation that would probably follow – and yet, it’s common to see just that  – and more –  happening to children, simply because they are powerless to confront the people doing it. I am tired of watching this culture turn out unhealthy, materialistic, anti-social human beings who then grow up to produce MORE ignored children. I am sick of defending myself to a culture that mocks, degrades and labels parents who choose to put their children before the “needs” of themselves or other adults who may be uncomfortable with a breastfeeding, well attached baby,  a toddler who is allowed to explore his environment, or cry and be held when he’s sad or angry, or a preschooler who is used to being talked to and treated with respect and allowed some freedom to make his own choices. Children aren’t little adults, and expecting them to behave like they are is unrealistic and stupid. But they ARE human beings. They have JUST as much of a “right’ as we do to love, laugh, grow and express what they feel.  “Society” and it’s expectations and prejudices can kiss my bed sharing, breastfeeding, child respecting rear end. Thank you and good-night. I am now going to go nurse my child to sleep.


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