Crappy New Year (so far)

Howdy folks. How awesome is it that my first post of the year is dated, not  January 1, 2012, but January 31, 2012? Personally, I find perverse humor in this fact, seeing as how it pretty much sums up the month I’ve had. Which I’m hoping (and praying, and begging) is NOT in any way indicative of the kind of year I’m going to have. Not that it’s all been crap – not at all. It’s just been mostly crap, up until about a week and a half ago, when the weather cleared up enough that I was able to drag my sweat pants clad self and stir-crazy toddler out into the sunshine for some much-needed vitamin D and exercise, which allowed the fog in my brain to recede juuust enough for me to realize that I wasn’t okay, not by any stretch of the imagination, and then a day or so of sunshine later, the fog finally lifted enough for me to reach for the phone and call in reinforcements. And now, I’m just trying to sweep up the debris (both literal and emotional) left in the wake of this most recent storm cloud of depression. Aand that’s pretty much the synopsis of the “crap” part of the month and a half or so since I last posted. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t fun, and it’s going to take me a while to fully get back on my feet. Thankfully, I held it together enough that my wonderful, supportive husband and precious little man don’t seem any worse for wear, neither of them actually even realizing the full  extent of my crazy until I was well enough out of it to be able to start confiding in my hubby again. Which probably sounds awful – unless you’ve been there. But enough about all that.  Now for the good stuff. I’ve been slowly redecorating our house, crafty project by crafty project, and it’s starting to shape up quite nicely. Nicely enough, as a matter of fact, that as soon as I find my missing camera battery that mysteriously disappeared from its charger last month, I will be sharing my design genius with you.  Give me a few weeks to find that battery, though. Leo has gotten progressively better at finding hiding places for my most treasured bits of technology. It’s somewhat of a problem, really, but one with such occasionally humorous outcomes (c’mon, who DOESN’T chuckle at finding their Flip video camera in the freezer? – After verifying that it’s still operational, of course) that I don’t honestly mind it all that much. We also have a new family member, who, although he is currently a foster doggie, is hopefully going to be with us a very, very long time (like, forever). His name is Stryder, and he is a 6-year-old, white German Shepherd. He is quite possibly the best pet in the universe. Seriously. He’s that awesome. I’m sure y’all will be regaled with many a Stryder story and photo in the months/years to come. I’ve also started a somewhat extensive indoor herb garden in pots in my kitchen windowsill, so that’s another fun picture I’ll have to share once the camera battery reappears or I give up hope and buy another one. Fun fact: Herbs are LITERALLY the only plants that will grow for me. Why, I have no clue. Maybe they know that I love them best, maybe they’re the only plants I actually remember to tend. I’m hoping to try my hand at veggie gardening again this spring though. I’m wrangling FireDaddy into building some raised beds right by our back door in the hopes that this will cut down on the likelihood that I forget to weed or water said veggies… We shall see how this experiment proceeds.  I’ve also been trying to convince him of the extreme NECESSITY of building a small moveable chicken coop and possibly a wee rabbit hutch as well – I’ve given up on my campaign for a goat shed, but I’m still holding out hope for a few chickens and a bunny joining the family come spring. I’ll have to update you on my success (or lack thereof). Currently, the only response I’ve gotten to my pleading and cajoling is a derisive eye roll and deep sigh. My darling country boy apparently doubts my Yankee hippie dedication to such homesteading endeavors, even though I actually come from a family in which, despite having distinctly northern hippie leanings (or perhaps BECAUSE of said hippie leanings), we raised (and on occasion, cooked) a sundry collection of chickens, bunnies and various other animals usually understood to be found on a farm. (Long, slightly disturbing story there with the whole bunny cooking thing, obviously – and let it just be said that shortly after the incident, at the ripe old age of nine, I temporarily became a vegetarian in protest) We even had goats for a while, an adorable billy christened Max, and a precious little kid named Fawn – neither of which ever ended up getting cooked – that I’m aware of, anyway. But that’s all beside the point – the point being that I ACTUALLY AM (somewhat) AWARE OF WHAT I’M GETTING INTO.  And frankly, between spending my time caring for a menagerie of plants and animals (and a super-toddler) or spending weeks fused to my couch “addiction shopping” from my abyss of despair – I’d really much rather be up to my ears in animal/vegetable chores and toddler mess, thank you very much.  The trick to pulling myself out of these slumps (Which tend to more closely resemble chasms than slumps, if I’m being completely honest) is to keep myself extremely busy.  And away from all forms of credit and all incarnations of critical, negative humanity. And on that note, I’m going to put an end to this particularly nutty ramble of mine, wish you all peace and love in everything you do, and get back to cleaning my house and cuddling my perpetually moving toddler and completely rotten shaggy beast. (Before you jump to any conclusions – I’m referring to my beast of the canine variety, not the sexy beast that is FireDaddy –
although I might get some cuddles with him in too in a little while. And now that that has been all cleared up, I am finally ending this ramble. Really.)


2 thoughts on “Crappy New Year (so far)

  1. We are the proud owners of a backyard flock of chickies and lots of raised garden beds!!! We love it! : ) The whole sustainability/homesteading thing is so up our alley! We have 4 acres here and we want to be totally off the grid and living off the land one of these days!!! : )

    • I’m jealous. I want chickens SO bad! FireDaddy has promised that he’ll work on building me a little coop soon, *squee!* My parents had chickens when I was growing up, and it was so EXCITING to be able to go out and gather fresh eggs every day for breakfast, LOL! I’m hoping to be able to provide Leo with those same “authentic” childhood experiences. And FireDaddy and I have the very same “Buy 10 acres, build a totally sustainable, off the grid cabin, and LIVE” dream as you do 😀 Someday, it WILL happen. ❤

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