The Big (anti-climactic) Reveal

I’ve changed a lot of stuff around here. Obviously. There’s a new blog name and a new job. Yes, ladies and gents (Ha! Seriously If any “gents” other than FireDaddy voluntarily read this, I’ll eat my… cloth diaper stash. Just saying.) I, Skye the Crunch, have joined the ranks of working Mamas. And while I know it’s not for everyone, frankly, it seems to work for us quite well. Mostly because of the job itself. I am a Primary Assistant Teacher at a nearby (sort of) Montessori School, and Leo is now a member of their fantastic Toddler program. We both love it, to the point that I firmly believe that our TERRIBLE day on Thursday was partially a direct result of Leo’s anger over my inability to provide him with the routine that he so loves at school. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. The 45 minute each way drive is rough. Leo’s been doing well but having some growing pains (his nickname is “Jaws”. I leave it to your imagination to conclude why), and I am daily reminded of how much I DON’T know about kids and how to teach them. But all of these things have an upside, as Leo and I are being given opportunities to learn and change, and I now get a full 90 minutes of NPR a day. *SCORE* Not to mention the amazing opportunity I have to learn first hand more about Montessori education and parenting. As a family, this is EXACTLY what we needed. Transitioning into being a Montessori Mama has filled some of that “void” I’ve felt in my parenting.   And ya’ll- it WORKS. Which needs to be a post all its own. For now though – anyone still following, reading, clicking – thank you. All of this upheaval has been good. I needed it, as a blogger, and as a Mama. As always, Peace and Love ya’ll!


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